A Tasty, Easy Recipe: Baked Pasta With Zucchini

So Many Zucchinis You Don’t Know What To Do? Is your or your friend’s garden overflowing with zucchinis these days? Are you cooking zucchini cakes, zucchini omelettes and every zucchini creation you can think of to use them all up? Here’s a tasty, easy idea! When my friend, Lucia and I arrived in the Marche […]

Get Award Winning Dream Of Italy Newsletter: Special Price

Kathy McCabe’s Dream Of Italy newsletter won the Best Consumer Subscription Gold Newsletter Award in 2007.  The quality remains as high as ever with even more special opportunities to get behind the scenes information on hidden gems in Italy in tourist meccas like Rome or less touristed country spots. Kathy often invites local residents or […]

Navigating Italian Train Stations

How To Find Your Train In Italian Train Stations: Avoid Confusion and Stress  On this trip in Italy in train stations, I found myself helping many confused tourists who couldn’t figure out how to find their train. A stressful experience, especially if you’re changing trains and time is tight. Train departure information is everywhere—on TV- […]

Ciao! Enjoy my latest Italy food, wine, travel & fun news!

Margaret & Lucia at her daughter's wedding Sept 2010 Here in Italy, it’s hard for me to leave Cinque Terre.  I’m been coming here  since 1979 and in spite of the crowds now, I still love it.  I walk the paths slowly and do all I can to stay in the present.  I let people […]

How To Get On The Insider’s Track To Eating Good Fish In Venice

Rialto Bridge in Venice. (Courtesy of Dan Munroe) Millions of tourists descend on Venice every year–some sources say up to 20 million! That means a lot of restaurants feeding tourists mass comsuption style food.  Many food lover visitors throw up their hands, “We can’t find a good place to eat in Venice.” On Skype I […]

Cooking and Wine Lovers’ Adventure in Tuscany’s Brunello & Vino Nobile Wine Country

taking a break in the idyllic countryside near Montalcino, Tuscany Taking a break in the idyllic countryside near Montalcino, Tuscany South of Siena, hill town Montalcino is home to Brunello, one of Italy’s top reds, and tempting bakeries, wine bars and shops.  Hill town Montepulciano is famous for Vino Nobile, one of Italy’s best reds.  […]