Gorgeous New Italian Cookbook: Amazing Variety of Easy Recipes

Ann Maria's cookbook Anna Maria McCleanaghan’s gorgeous new cookbook, “Italian Sensation! (cucina)” has an amazing variety of easy, mouthwatering recipes from her families in Puglia and Sicily and chefs in the Veneto. She grew up in a traditional southern Italian family in Vancouver, BC. Her book celebrates what she learned early — food brings joy […]

New Rome App Ensures Top Eating Experiences

Katie Parla at Rome’s Testaccio market. Photo by Jessica Stewart. Have you ever eaten at a well recommended restaurant and felt disappointed at the quality of your meal? You think, “How could that happen at a restaurant with great reviews?”  Katie Parla, Rome resident, food journalist and blogger at parlafood.com, says this happens all the […]

How To Eat In Rome Where Few Tourists Go

Katie Parla in Rome. Photo by Jessica Stewart. This July I joined the tourist throngs in Rome’s beautiful Baroque Piazza Navona which I love. Signs in English outside restaurants screamed, “No Cover Charge. Free Bread.” I thought, “Where in Rome do you go to eat real Roman food with locals, away from the tourists?” I […]

Two Excellent Italy Food Articles By Blogger Jessica Siegel

1. How To Travel In Italy If You Have Special Diet Needs   2. Videos On Home Food Dinner Experiences  pasta with pesto sauce with green beans and potatoes, Italian Riviera Blogger Jessica Spiegel of italylogue.com has done her usual, very detailed, practical research on her recent topic. If you have any special diet needs […]

A Great Way To Explore Wine Regions In The Veneto: Wine Festivals

Venice's Grand Canal, courtesy of Dan Munroe Going to Venice?  Want to broaden your Italian wine horizons?   Venture west and north of Venice and discover the Veneto region,  home to some of Italy’s best red and sparkling wines.  In western Veneto, visit wineries making the famous Amarone della Vapolicella, Valpolicella, Bardolino and Soave in hills […]

Montepulciano’s fun shop windows celebrate Italy’s 125th birthday

This year is Italy’s 125th birthday of the Italian republic. On my summer trip in Italy, I got a kick out of shop windows festooned with red, white and green. The shop owners in Montepulciano in Tuscany got really delightfully creative. I just had to take photos of their shop windows!  For patriotic gelato fans […]

A Perfect Tuscan Day in Montepulciano

Green and gold on my walk outside Montepulciano Last June in the lovely southern Tuscan hill town, Montepulciano, I gazed out my apartment window at the magnificent valley of rolling hills of vineyards, olive trees and fields. Birds twittered, swallows swooped like acrobats, and misguided roosters called out rather late cock-a-doodle-doos. I thought, “How can […]

Welcome to Mama Margaret & Friends’ new web site!

Now you can plan your Italy vacation and choose the best Italian cooking school tour for you much better and faster. Margaret & Heather celebrating the new web site over gelati at Dolce Amore Gelateria on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. The New “Learn About Italy” section gives you useful information on eight Italian regions so you […]