Floods Ravage Liguria & Northern Tuscany: Cinque Terre Devastated

Vernazza’s main piazza in June 2011 On Tuesday, October 25, exceptionally heavy rains caused horrific flooding in parts of Liguria (the Riviera) and northern Tuscany. Cinque Terre towns of Vernazza and Monterosso got hit very hard. Raging rivers one storey high swept through the two towns devastating homes, businesses, everything in their paths, bringing masses […]

How To Live In Italy For A Year & Keep Your Job

The Venice Experiment book Perhaps you’re dreaming of living in Italy for a few months but can’t get that much time away from your job or business. You want to go now while your health and circumstances still permit. But how?  Barry Frangipane did it. His book, The Venice Experiment, tells how he and his […]

Expert Tells You All You Want To Know About Puglia

piazza in lovely town of Martina Franca in Puglia. Courtesy of Martha Bakerjian Do you want to explore a beautiful, fascinating region in southern Italy with fewer English speaking tourists? Do you love fine wines, olive oil, seafood, vegetables, beaches, layers of interesting history and a range of architecture from ancient trulli to Greek-like white […]

Do It Now While You Still Can

This summer in Italy I visited a delightful American family of four on one of our Tuscany cooking tours, two sisters in their late 50s, each with her teenage daughter. All of them loved food, cooking and art and got on well, so they had the time of their lives on our tour and in Rome […]

How Traveling In Italy Helps Our Aging Brains

Red wine is good for us, but not as much as Mona’s had in this ceramic tile in Montalcino, Tuscany Since becoming a wise, older woman (WOW) last year when I turned 60, I’m paying more attention to articles like “How To Train Your Aging Brain” (Vancouver Sun, Oct 3, 2011). Of course, I read […]

How Friendships Deepen Through Travel: True Italy Travel Tales

Margaret, Karen, our most popular Tuscan chef, Roberto and Karen’s cousin, Judith who lives in the U.K. Karen re-connected with her before I joined them. It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada today. A time to feel thankful not only for a good harvest and tasty food in our lives, but for the good in all parts […]

Chocolate Heaven At Perugia’s Eurochocolate Festival

Eurochocolate logo. Courtesy Eurochocolate press office. In the New York Times Sept 25 travel section, Ingrid K. Williams has a mouthwatering article, 36 Hours In Perugia. I can tell she loves chocolate! As well as detailing an itinerary with a stimulating, fun balance of sightseeing and eating, she lists chocolate lover meccas like a chocolate […]

Great Home Chef Cooks In Top Restaurants In Italy: An Inspiring Tale

Anna Maria at her Vancouver cookbook launch “I’m a great home cook”, you say, “but how would I ever get to cook with chefs in Hotel Cipriani in Asolo?” No, the answer is not to take a cooking tour or to marry the chef! Anna Maria McClenaghan, author of “Italian Sensations (cucina)” would advise, “Tell […]