7 Tips To Enjoy Summer Travel In Italy

Ahh…summer in Italy! Mediterranean sunshine, warm sea, languid siestas, longer light to savour warm evenings, gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and maybe some beach romance.  Plus summer brings many fun, unique festivals and performances. How about seeing Sting in concert on a warm evening outside at Taormina’s Greek theatre in Sicily? Mount Etna watches in […]

Italy Cooking School Tours Are Like Lasagna

Cooking school tours in Italy make me think of lasagna. Both have layers you discover only as you dig deeper into them.  Most food lovers think they’re going on a cooking tour in Italy to have fun learning cooking secrets from families who teach them traditional dishes their grandmothers made or to learn special techniques […]

Earthquake Hits Emilia-Romagna

Bologna’s famous archways On Sunday May 20 at 4:04 in the morning, an earthquake 5.9 on the Richter scale hit Emilia-Romagna with its epicenter 36 kilometres north of Bologna in a small town, San Felice sul Panaro, where its ancient castle now lies in ruins. In nearby Finale Emilia, the 14th tower collapsed, the cathedral […]

Vancouver Italy Travel Q&A Dinner With Mama Margaret

Mama Margaret Cowan Thinking of travelling to Italy? Are you asking yourself, “Where should I go? What should I do? How do I best get around?”  Get the answers to your questions and insider tips as you dine Italian style in Vancouver with Italy travel expert, Mama Margaret Cowan. Gather around your table on Tuesday, […]

How To Enjoy Verona: Much More Than Romeo & Juliet

What delightful surprises Verona gave me on my first visit this March! Visually stunning architecture, piazzas and views, and very pretty. A visual type, I love exploring on foot as I photograph, drink and taste. Verona on the Adige River The Adige River winds around Verona, adding extra flavour to it. One evening, local friends […]

Chocolate Birthday Cake On The Cardiac Ward & A Precious Gift

On my birthday last Friday, May 4, I shared some absolutely yummy chocolate cake with my good friend, Iona who was in the cardiac ward of Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital. “That’s a rather odd place to celebrate your birthday”, you say?  As I mentioned in last week’s blog, Iona from Vancouver Island was back in […]