Heather Snedden

Heather Snedden

Heather has worked with Mama Margaret as her assistant and right hand woman since 2002.

Travel has always been in Heather’s blood. When she was a kid, her dad would organize family road trips, often on the spur of the moment, often long distances like Ontario to Florida. Heather was the one in the family who’d exclaim, “Yes! Let’s go! We could be there tomorrow!”

Heather believes that you can understand a culture much better through food experiences than by looking at paintings in museums. She says, “I’m a foodie. I relate to foodies.” She’s travelled in Italy three times and loves Italy, especially the food experiences with such a variety of local people.

In Tuscany’s Chianti hills, she really enjoyed visiting a woman olive oil producer with tour members. They all sat down for an olive oil tasting and soon were chatting away like old friends.

With tour members in Sorrento, she had lots of fun visiting a spry, 80 year old man under the trees in his lemon grove. As the man told her all she ever wanted to know about producing lemons, he climbed up a ladder to pick the best lemon he could find and presented to her as a gift.

When she and her partner travel, she’s the one who relishes planning their trip. She admits she’s always curious where people are going, what they’re doing and why. She truly loves helping our Italy cooking tour clients plan their trips.

This travel professional has all the warmth of an Italian, but without the accent. She is a real people person and takes great joy in helping to fulfill her guests’ dreams.