Older Adult Romance Movie In Sorrento Delights In Many Ways

“Love Is All You Need” movie poster A schmaltzy romantic comedy movie set in Sorrento. A wedding party at a villa surrounded by lemon groves. The groom’s father and the bride’s mother, 50+, dislike each other from the start. Movie reviewer says the bride’s mother comes home and finds her husband making love with a much younger […]

Memories of Summer In Italy

What does summer in Italy make you think of? What delicious or beautiful Italian memories come back to you? In Piedmont I always look forward to going hiking with long time tour colleague and friend, Elio, a multi-talented outdoor  athlete and marathon hiker—you name the outdoor sport and he’s done it well. At summer solstice […]

What Local Dishes To Eat On The Amalfi Coast?

Positano town and beach After last week’s newsletter article on how and where to find places on the Amalfi Coast where local people eat, you’re probably wondering, “What typical Amalfi Coast dishes should I order?” In our Skype conversation, Katharine Johnson of tour company, Simply Amalfi (simplyamalfi.com) suggested a delicious array of local dishes and […]

Amalfi Coast: How To Eat Where Locals Go

Amalfi and its port On Skype I talked with Katharine Johnson, who’s lived in Italy for 30 years and owns local Amalfi Coast tour company with long time Amalfi resident Salvatore Mocerino. She tells me it’s getting hard for tourists to find restaurants where local people eat. Italy’s weak economy means people eat out less.The […]

Simple Pleasures Best For Heart & Soul: An Italian Example

In Naples on a warm September afternoon, I was walking along the sidewalk by the sea admiring views of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius on Via Nazario Sauro on my way to Via Partenope to explore Borgo Marinaro and its castle. About half way, I came to a small, half circle shaped piazza with […]

How To Best Visit Pompei

In ancient Pompei, a modern oasis I hadn’t visited Pompei in years so felt like a newbie. I bought a Pompei guidebook and set out to see what it’d be like exploring on my own. I’m an experienced, independent type of traveler, aren’t I? I love frescoes so when I saw pictures of paintings on […]