How To Discover Hidden Treasures In Cinque Terre Area: Off The Tourist Path

Have you always wanted to truly discover the Cinque Terre area, go deeper into authentic, local life than most tourists ever do, get to know local people? You can — through cooking, eating, drinking 5 Terre wines and laughing with local people. Sharing food and wine opens doors to heart to heart connections with people, […]

Stay in Amalfi or Sorrento?

You’re planning to visit Pompeii and Capri, so you should base yourself in much closer Sorrento, right? If you have limited time, you just take a day excursion along the Amalfi Coast and see Positano and Amalfi quickly, right? No, you have a better choice. Stay in the town of Amalfi. Sorrento coast from suburb […]

Tuscan Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Sauce

Petto di Pollo Al Funghetto—Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Sauce A delicious sounding dish with many flavours from the classic Tuscan cookbook, A Tuscan In The Kitchen, by Pino Luongo. He doesn’t use measurements so you cook with the flow. All purpose flour Salt black pepper olive oil white wine canned tomatoes milk butter eggs, separated (2 yolks to […]

Do you love Barolo wine? Experience real, everyday life through authentic food, wine and walking experiences with local people on these cooking/wine tours!

hiking in vineyards and hills in Barolo wine country to Castiglione Falletto Check out our list of cooking and wine tours in Piedmont! Choose from our set tour itineraries or we can custom design for you or tweak our existing tours for you. We can add walks in the hills. You’ll fall in love with […]

Italy’s Most Glorious Regional Table

What region in Italy has Italy’s most glorious cuisine? Food and wine writer, Matt Kramer fell in love with Piedmont years ago, lived there for a year and wrote his book, A Passion For Piedmont: Italy’s Most Glorious Regional Table (1997). Since 1993, I’ve been going to Piedmont’s magnificent Barolo wine hills and have savoured […]

Semifreddo with Hazelnuts & Chocolate

You find semifreddo desserts all over Italy. Local versions depend on the regions’ food. I’ve lapped up semifreddo with lemon in southern Italy, with orange peel and Gran Marnier in Tuscany, with pistachio nuts in Sicily. Matt Kramer, (page 276 of his book, A Passion For Piedmont) says, “This version employs two of Piedmont’s favourite […]

Cooking Tours In Italy Ideal For Solo Travelers

I travel a lot on my own so really identify with food loving solo travelers. Some of Mama Margaret’s cooking and wine tours have dates by request with a minimum of two people. What to do? If you see a tour you like, tell us what date is good for you. We’ll post your dates […]

How To Eat Where Locals Eat In Rome

You’re a food lover going to Rome and want to eat real Roman food, to avoid tourist traps. Who to consult? Local food and wine experts, three Rome resident writers who research, eat and drink at the most authentic places and are among their most loyal customers! Katie Parla, an 11 year Rome resident, food […]

Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions

From tasty-italian-cooking-com, a great little site with recipes that writer Maria’s Italian mother made when Maria was growing up plus a fun section on “100 Reasons Why Italian Food Rocks” (you may agree with all 100!) and more. “For this Italian sausage recipe choose either the sweet or spicy variety of sausages, and either one will […]