Two Magical Experiences In Rome

Want a completely different and magical Rome experience? How about going to Rome’s Hollywood style park, Cinecitta World? The real Cinecitta in Rome is Italy’s Hollywood where they’ve been making movies for decades. Experience 20 innovative attractions with rich special effects that take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Eight cinematographic sets like a […]

Walnut Salad—Insalata alle Noci: two recipes

These Italian Riviera recipes come from the wonderful Italian food site, at “Liguria is famed for its walnut trees, which go into a number of sauces like with ravioli. They also go into salads, and here are a couple of recipes, one combining walnuts, greens, and fish, and the other greens, walnuts and […]

Is Your Italy Trip Like The Amazing Race?

You’re planning your trip to Italy but only have 10 nights. How to see it all? Recently I’m getting Italy trip itinerary requests that make me think, “These clients must be competing in The Amazing Race!” As Land of the Gods’ Italy travel specialist, I find and book hotels, excursions, rental cars, apartments etc and […]

Traveling To Italy + Greece? Italy + Croatia? Italy + ?

Would you like travel experts for each country to consult with you, plan and book your whole holiday (hotels, apartments, rental car, excursions, cooking tours) and give you invaluable, insider advice? Travel experts who work in the same office on the same computer system so all your travel needs get looked after in one place? […]

Zucchini Pasta With Tomatoes

This is a simple, delicious pasta recipe perfect for summer! Are zucchini taking over your garden? Never enough friends to give them all to? Just tell them about this recipe! It comes from which has a wealth of pasta recipes. “Zucchini pasta that tastes as good as it looks! It’s a delicious vegetable pasta […]

5 Italian Style Steaks: Ideal For Summer Barbecues

What’s the secret of a great Italian steak? In his excellent article, “Italian Steak Cooking Guide and Recipes”, Derrick Riches says the secret is to “treat each cut right”. He gives examples of how to treat three different cuts in three savoury recipes, Tuscan Steak With Sundried Tomatoes, Bistecca Alla Pizziaola and Florentine Steak at […]

Italy Tours That Make Food AND Wine Lovers Happy

Are some people in your group of Italy travelers big food lovers and less into wine? Are others true wine aficionados? How to make everyone happy on your Italy trip? Go to one region famous for its food and a second region renowned for its top wines. Here are some ideas for you! Northern and Central Italy: […]

Steak with Herb Sauce—Bistecca Con Salsa delle Erbe

Do you love herbs like I do? This delicious recipe with six herbs comes from Saveur Magazine at “A thick, well-marbled cut—a rib eye, strip, or porterhouse—works best for this olive oil– and herb-topped steak. The dish is based on one served by the Italian-born chef Cesare Casella at Salumeria Rosi in New York […]