Insider “Rome Like A Local” Tips From A Rome Resident Adventurer

I love Amanda Ruggieri’s blog. A resident of Rome for only 3.5 years and a writer, like a cultural, gastronomic detective, she unearths a vast variety of experiences, places and people in the city. So many “not often thought of” or “off the tourist track” experiences in Rome!

Her latest blog on things she’s psyched to do this year inspires me to explore Rome much more. In Rome I stay with my long time friend, Lucia who’s a great cook and invites her fun women friends over to eat, so I get lazy in seeking out places to eat in Rome. Amanda prods me there!

She writes about three newer restaurants and bistros she’d like to try. I felt intrigued with Romeo, (no, not because of the name) for its menu of rather creative Italian combinations and its ultra modern décor with thin lights falling at all angles like icicles gone wild in a Canadian cave. Plus it’s near Lucia’s home in the Vatican area, near the Ottaviano subway stop. How easy is that?

Antipasto example: vegetable terrin with crispy prosciutto and … yoghurt. Pasta example: spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and hot pepper and … panettone. Eat at tables or at the bar. Tastings menus, big choice of cheeses and cold cuts. Food store too. An Alpha Romeo car dealership occupied the space — responsible for the name? Site:, Via Silla 26/a,Rome. Phone: 06 32 110 112

Amanda talks about three old favourites from an inviting bistro within walking distance of the Forum to Michelin star restaurants, to funky sounding nightspots like Casa Clementina in a house with antique furniture and a book shop just off Via Nazionale. Love the sound of that one! Central too.

Summer performance at Baths of Caracalla, courtesy of Teatro dell’Opera, Rome web site

She reminds us of a spectacular Rome summer experience, an opera outdoors in the beautifully illuminated ruins of the Baths of Caracalla, a major spa complex built starting from 212 AD and used until 537 AD.  What an incredible experience! Makes it worthwhile being in Rome in the scorching summer heat.  No info yet on the summer schedule at

Of course, the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome offers ballets like Giselle in February and operas like Puccini’s Turandot in October.  Schedule at but I can’t see links to the Baths of Caracalla performances although they’re under the Teatro dell’Opera. As they say in Italy, “pazienza!” Patience.