Italian Cooking Tour Connection Stories- Personal

Four Women Leave Families Behind and Celebrate a 50th birthday in Tuscany

Four long time friends in Sydney, Australia gathered one day to throw around ideas on how to celebrate the first 50th birthday in their group. All were mothers with children in school. Some worked outside the home and some worked at home, always busy attending the needs of their families before their own.

They playfully started throwing ideas around on where to go. Someone mentioned a pretty place in Australia. That idea made the group pause…the idea of traveling somewhere outside Sydney, something they’d never considered before. That got “out of the box” ideas flowing. Someone said, “What about Italy? What about a cooking tour for just us”? One friend hesitated, “What about our families? Would our husbands let us go?”

One friend broached the idea with her husband. She reported back that he thought it was a wonderful idea and of course, he and the kids would survive for three weeks. The other husbands agreed.

They flew to Italy, had a fabulous time cooking, eating, drinking wine, exploring beautiful countryside on our Tuscan cooking tour, where the local guide and our cast of local chefs, cooks etc took very good care of them. They toured Rome, Florence and Venice on their own. An amazing trip, just for them!

When I went to Australia on holiday about two years later, even though they’d never met me, they greeted me with lots of hugs and toured me and my friend all over the city like we were old friends. They gleefully showed us lots of their Italy trip photos and relived their dream trip.

Another year one of the women took her husband on much the same tour to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and enjoyed a romantic time with him in her favourite Tuscan places.