7 Top Italian Fish Dishes

From north to south in Italy, the Mediterranean yields an amazing array of fish that with unlimited imagination, Italian cooks transform into simple, tasty dishes. They bake, fry, stew, marinate, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, add herbs or white wine, layer in casseroles, stuff all kinds of fish. Sarde al Saor in a restaurant in Verona Here […]

Fire Up Romance In Northern Italy: 3 Experiences In Small Towns

view from hotel terrace in San Giorgio in Valpolicella wine hills 1. West of Venice, I’d take my love to San Giorgio, a quaint hilltop village of ancient stone houses in the Valpolicella wine hills near Verona. We’d stay at a charming little hotel run by one of the most hospitable, friendly managers I’ve ever […]

Drink Wine In Italy & Help Save A National Park

vineyards above Corniglia, Cinque Terre How can you drink wine in Italy and help save a national park at the same time? What a noble cause for us Italian wine lovers! Cheers! Let’s drink up! Which wines? Which national park? Christine Mitchell, a resident of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre, put these two seemingly unconnected […]

“You Brought Me Italy!”

Last week out of the blue, one of our best cooking tour clients, right in Vancouver, invited me to lunch at his favourite Italian restaurant, Il Nido.  The whole time, over Barbera wine and pasta with fresh mushroom and Italian sausages, we talked about our travels in Italy. Little did I know that our conversation […]

Classic Genovese Minestrone with Pesto

This classic Italian Riviera soup recipe from Genoa comes from the recipe site, inmamaskitchen.com. Her soup recipe section has a few Italian soups among a tantalizing list of soups from almost every cuisine. What a find! The Riviera is famous for its many vegetable and herb dishes. In the old days when fishermen got home, […]

What Local Dishes To Eat In Cinque Terre

After reading last week’s blog on how and where to eat in the Cinque Terre with local people, you’re probably wondering, “What local dishes should I order?” Read on! Enjoy the video too! On Skype I talked with local guide, Umberto Cattani (cinqueterretour.it) whom I first found at localguiding.com that matches you with tour guides.  […]

How To Eat Like A Local In Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre town, Riomaggiore Did you know Cinque Terre’s ruggedly beautiful coast and its five towns on the Italian Riviera draw about three million tourists a year? Like a never ending stampede of wild horses hungry for hiking and pesto.How do you as a food lover find places to eat where locals eat at local […]

A Perfect Day in Cinque Terre: Advice From A Cinque Terre Local

What are the best places and experiences in Cinque Terre? Best advice comes from a local resident, right? Susan Van Allen, author of “100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should Go” asks local women for their advice on “Golden Days” in their home regions. In Golden Day 83, she consulted Kate Little, a long time […]