Three Top Sicily Blogs: Feel Immersed in Sicily Now

Sicilian pasta with swordfish, mint and capers

Before you travel to Sicily, wouldn’t it be great to hear stories from friends who live there so you’d get a feel of local life and culture in advance? Along with some local recipes and travel tips. 

These three Sicily blogs feel like women friends in Sicily are writing to me, whisking me back there. Three Sicily residents, American, Sicilian and British, in different circumstances, write in three styles from poetic to cheeky. 

1) with Jann Huizenga, a writer and photographer who lives half time in a house in Ragusa Ibla in south east Sicily, that she and her husband bought in 2007.

Her “painting pictures” writing plants me right in Ragusa Ibla, “a stony village where lemons roll in the streets and bees grow fat as hummingbirds, where the local gelateria offers up cream of anise and petal of rose, where public clocks as well as people are way behind schedule, where street names are snatches of poetry: Orphanage Alley, Shadow Way, Laurel Lane, Street of Ballads…” Her articles range from her every day encounters like at food markets in “It’s The Little Things: Sicily reminds you what it is to be human” to tourist tips like “Sicily: 10 Must Eat Treats”. Gorgeous photos too! And a great Sicily book list.

2) with an anonymous Sicilian woman who’s a ghost writer, translator, food nut and international traveler who loves anything to do with food.

Written in “talking over coffee style, her blogs cover a fascinating range from celebrating Palermo’s patron saint in a deafening, myth-filled four hour walk with spectacular fireworks, to a recipe for “caldofreddo”, a hot cold gelato dish made with layers of gelato, savoiardo cookies and hot, melted chocolate in Trapani.  Worth the trip to Trapani!

3) Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife at reads like “laugh out loud” chats about her new life from your best girlfriend, who ran off to Sicily to marry the love of her life.

This delightfully humorous, anonymous ex-Londoner writes in a cheeky, down to earth storytelling style about incidents and observations in her every day life. She attended a wedding in Sicily eight years ago and accidentally fell for one of the groom’s 300+ cousins. She sold all her stuff including house, car and collection of 1970s disco albums and moved to a fishing town near Bagheria in north Sicily where she notes that many of the 200 residents still have their teeth.

For example, one article she tells how a Sicilian woman helped her cure her anxiety by using olive oil in magical ways.

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