Customize Your Mama Margaret Italian Cooking School and Wine Tour and Entire Italy Holiday

Italian cooking school and wine tour
wine club members with their favourite Barolo wine producer in Piedmont

Are you tired of searching the Net and finding only Italian cooking school and wine tours that don’t give you the experiences you want? Are they all looking “cookie cutter” to you?

Would you like someone who knows Italian cooking school and wine tours well, who’s travelled for years in Italy, to ask you questions on what you’re dreaming of, really listen to you and come back to you with your ideal itinerary? So you sit back and let them do all the work?

Mama Margaret & Friends can custom design an Italian cooking school and wine tour with the experiences you want at the times you like. The right number of winery visits at your favourite wineries. The right number of cooking classes with dishes you request. The right balance of country walks, sightseeing to learn about history and local life, fine dining, visits with food producers and free time to relax. This is your trip so choose the dates that suit you.

In business since 1995, Mama Margaret and her Italian tour colleagues have custom designed from scratch many tour itineraries for groups of friends and families, wine club members, culinary schools and professional chefs. With her local knowledge from 40 years of traveling in Italy and her team of experts in Italy, they are creative and resourceful in handcrafting a dream come true tour itinerary down to the finest details for to find out more about how we can custom design your tour and make it a fun, easy, stress free experience for you.

To find out more about how we can custom design your Italian cooking school and/or wine tour and your entire Italy holiday and make it a fun, easy, stress free experience for you, email Mama Margaret at or phone 866-924-8259 within North America or 604-738-6331 in Vancouver, BC or internationally today.

Custom design Italian cooking school and wine tour questions that will help us zero in quickly on what you’d like.

  1. What is most important to you in your Italian cooking school and wine tour?
  2. Have you been to Italy before, and if so, where?
  3. Where will you go before and after your Italian cooking school tour?
  4. Have you been on a cooking tour in Italy before, and if so, with who?
  5. What makes you want to go at this time? A special occasion?
  6. When would you like to go? Month? Dates? How many days?
  7. What region(s) in Italy?
  8. Where would you like to stay–in the countryside, in a small town, in a city?
  9. What kind of accommodation—four star, three star, country B & B, small town pensione, country villa apartment, small town historic hotel, modern city hotel? Or ?
  10. How many cooking lessons would you like? Any particular plates, techniques you want to learn?
  11. What level of cook are you?
  12. Would you prefer to cook with one chef teacher so you get to know her/him well, or with three or four so you meet a variety of food characters, see a range of kitchens and see different styles of cooking and presentation?
  13. Hands-on or demonstration style lessons?
  14. How many people are you? How many double and single rooms do you need?
  15. Besides cooking classes, what else would you like to do? How much free time do you want in your itinerary? How many winery visits? Olive oil visit? Country walks? Shopping? Cheese visit? Market visit? Sightseeing? Art/history visits?
  16. If you’re visiting wineries/doing wine tastings, what level is your knowledge of Italian wines? For wine in general, what is your level of knowledge?
  17. What is your price range? What would you like included in your price?
  18. Where are you going before and/or after your cooking tour?
  19. In case technology fails us, what is your phone number and street address?

How We Work Together With You

When you answer these questions, we’ll start creating the best Italian cooking school and wine tour we can for you. Custom designing a special Italian cooking school and wine tour takes time to create and perfect. We go back and forth with our Italy tour colleagues. We go back and forth with you.

So we can do our best job for you, when we get your answers to the Italian cooking school and wine tour custom design questions, we ask for a $250 non-refundable deposit per person payable by VISA or Mastercard. When you book your Italian cooking school and wine tour, we apply the $250 towards the total cost of the Italian cooking school and wine tour.

We look forward to creating a very special Italian cooking school and/or wine tour for your group so you enjoy cooking, eating rather well, private visits at wineries, drinking top wines and meeting a cast of warm, welcoming people in Italy so you experience the real Italy.