Car Rentals

Renting A Car For Your Holiday In Italy

Save Time, Let Mama Margaret Arrange Your Italy Car Rental

If you’re exploring Italy’s countryside, renting a car is essential. We’ll do all the work for you so you save time as you plan your Italy vacation.

To give you a quote, we need to know:

  • Date of pick up
  • Date of drop off
  • Town where you want to pick up the car
  • Town where you want to drop off the car
  • Do you want to pick up/drop off the car in the city centre or airports
  • Manual or automatic transmission (Manual cars cost about $200 cheaper than automatics depending on the make.)
  • How many drivers and their ages
  • How many people in the car
  • How many of what size suitcases so we know how much space you will need
  • What size car and any preferences as to the make of car

You will also need an international driver’s permit. Auto clubs like CAA or AAA sell them valid for one year. If you don’t have one and get stopped by the police in Italy, they’ll fine you for not having one. Not a pleasant experience with local people like the experiences on your cooking school tour in Italy!

Email us today to book your rental car quickly and easily. Let us do the work for you.