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Are you planning a trip to Italy but don’t know where to start? Where to go? What to do? How to get around?

Save stress, time and money by reading Mama Margaret’s free 29 page e-book, “How To Plan Your Trip To Italy So You Feel Like A Local

You’ll discover:

  • How to choose the best Italian regions for you
  • How to plan your flights: less stress, more enjoyment
  • How to get the best train fares
  • How to find your way around Italian train stations
  • 8 tips: How to get around easily in big Italian cities
  • 7 tips: How to get around in Italy’s countryside
  • How to travel safely in Italy
  • And more!

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Mama Margaret Cowan, an expert on Italian cooking school vacations, wrote a guidebook to 133 cooking school holidays in Italy, has run Mama Margaret Italy cooking tours since 1995 and has been traveling to Italy for 40 years.